Breslev, Chavouoth English R.Ifrah

Description du cours:

Study of the advices of Rabbi Nahman of Breslev. From his main books (Likoutey Moharan, the Tales, Sefer Hamidot, sihot haran) and papers of his biggest pupils (Rabbi Nathan, R. Nahman of Tchérine, Rav Avraham ben Rav Nahman, etc. …).
Adapt to the general public as well as to the experimented connoisseurs.
The handled subjects: the everyday life, the studies, the work, the woman, the children, the family, Israel, the nations, the philosophy, the émouna (faith), the Teshouva, the kabala, the hassidout, the truth, etc….
Advice simple and so effective as they change life … FOR THE BETTER!

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